By People Staff
July 02, 1984 12:00 PM

“What is this person’s name?” We asked that of 398 people in 10 locations around the country in a poll conducted for PEOPLE by New Jersey’s RMH Research Inc. The sampling represents a cross section of people age 14 and over. Each was shown the photos on these pages. The number below each photo represents the percentage who correctly identified that star by name.

If you think you know more than the average Joe (and who doesn’t think that?), you can take the test for yourself. We’ll give you a clue: The real names of the stars shown here and on the following pages do not appear under their pictures. The incorrect comments under each picture were culled from poll responses.


A guy in dance and cowboy movies

He’s the sex symbol for today


The last time I saw her she was wearing that necklace

I think she is the girl from Lou Grant


Margot Kidder

One of the Partridge Family girls

Debra Winger


Bruce Springsteen

Lenny Bruce

Robert De Niro

Billy Joel

The reincarnation of John Garfield


Meryl Streep

Jane Fonda at a young age

Loretta Lynn

Candice Bergen

Lynn Redgrave

The girl on Hill Street Blues

She cried when I broke up with her

Debbie Reynolds


John Davidson

Steve Reeves [a frequent guess]
He looks like a Datsun dealer in a commercial



He has a filthy mouth, I know that much

Lionel Richie

Garrett Morris from Saturday Night Live

Richard Pryor

I want to say Cab Calloway

The funny guy my husband likes


Mary Cunningham

She played Baba Wawa on Saturday Night Live

She’s a CBS newscaster, but I forgot which one

She looks familiar, a little like Cloris Leachman

She cries too much in all of her pictures


I don’t know his name, but I love him

He looks like a worried Ricky Nelson

He’s a throwback to the beach movies of the ’60s


David Carradine—I saw him on Kung Fu

Roman Polanski

Robert Montgomery

Gregory Peck

He played in a lot of John Wayne movies

He looks like he might assassinate somebody


He was in John Wayne movies

It’s not one of the Smothers Brothers, is it?

Dallas Green, general manager of the Chicago Cubs

Roger Staubach

Bruce Dern

He just got an award…

Robert De Niro

He played Ike on TV

A crook from the Westerns

He looks like he’s on a soap or some type of politician


A strong dude—maybe Nick Nolte

He’s someone I’d have a hard time saying “no” to

Jeff Bridges

Beau Bridges

Harrison Ford

Chuck Connors from The Rifleman

Jan-Michael Vincent

I remember him from Disney, I must be getting old


Lucie Arnaz

Can’t place the face, I know her eyes


Sylvester Stallone

Looks like the guy on The White Shadow

He was in a high school picture—he was always getting high


A very early picture of Anne Bancroft

Debra Winger

Lindsay Wagner

Brenda Vaccaro


Dan Aykroyd [a frequent guess]
He looks like he belongs in the Hatfields and the McCoys from the hills of Kentucky

He’s probably some big wealthy mogul

Is that John Belushi? [another frequent guess]
He just died, but I don’t know what his name is

He played in Animal House

This is my hero. You just look at him and start laughing


It’s a guy, whoever it is…it could be Michael Jackson


Henry Winkler

Looks like Klinger from M*A*S*H

Dustin Hoffman

Dudley Somebody


He’s hard to recognize with his clothes on Robert De Niro


Sissy Spacek

This is the girl from Flashdance



Chuck Norris, the karate guy

Farrah Fawcett’s ex-husband

Could be Troy Donahue

He looks like a Kennedy

I don’t know his name, but he played John F. Kennedy

Everybody knows who this is


I don’t know her name, but she is a sexy woman

I have that same coat

She looks like Connie Stevens

I watched her in Private Benjamin every week


Marie Osmond

Liza Minnelli

A singer on Solid Gold

Barbra Streisand


John Hurt

Plays the nice guy who gets hurt a lot