By People Staff
December 31, 1999 12:00 PM

Been There, Done That EDDIE FISHER

Count on a pop singer to boast and preen. But when it comes to kissing and dissing, Fisher hits a bitter note.

A Walk to Remember NICHOLAS SPARKS

Run away, far away, from this shamelessly manipulative tale of tragic young love.

Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan EDMUND MORRIS

When the author gave Reagan an imaginary friend (Morris himself), he threw away a classic.

Vittorio the Vampire ANNE RICE

Fangs, but no thanks.

A Return to Modesty WENDY SHALIT

Her prim 23-year-old eyes unclouded by experience, Shalit tries to pin the world’s ills on lecherous men and their feminist cohorts. And fails immodestly.

Don’t Count the Candles—Just Keep the Fire Lit! JOAN RIVERS

Can we talk? Because if jokes about dentures and loopy tips for feeling younger (Redecorate your home? Buy a cell phone? Get plastic surgery?) are the best you can do on aging, you should grow up.

I Just Kept Hoping GLORIA STUART

How could this seasoned actress turn her amazing life into a Titanically dull memoir?

Monica’s Story ANDREW MORTON

As far as self-serving confessionals go, it could be worse. But does this tell-all tale really belong between (book) covers?


Judging by this unfunny rant, the onetime comic and Homicide star couldn’t get arrested as a comedian—let alone a historian.

The Ground Beneath Her Feet SALMAN RUSHDIE

He may be a symbol of intellectual freedom all over the world, but when Rushdie decides to recast Orpheus as a rock and roll god, he loses the beat.