September 25, 2006 12:00 PM

A Motley Crew

It’s shave and a haircut, not shave as a haircut. Pink (in Mexico in August) must have misunderstood.

Hair There and Everywhere

Michael Douglas doing his best Muppet impression in L.A. in June.

Pouf Piece

At the September premiere of Gridiron Gang in L.A., Scarlett Johansson‘s hairdo must have been inspired by Jiffy Pop.

Saturday Samurai

Jude Law battled one of the worst hair days of his life in London in August.

What a Tease

At this year’s Oscars, Helena Bonham Carter surely blocked someone’s view.

Cutesy Curls

In February, Brandy headed to a party in L.A. Was it aboard the Good Ship Lollipop?

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