January 10, 1983 12:00 PM

The following item arrived too late to be included in the latest edition of the L.L. Bean catalog.

Surprised Author Alfred Gingold, 35. Wears a bemused expression, resulting from success of Items From Our Catalog, his best-selling 84-page parody (Avon, $4.95) of the real thing put out by L.L. Bean, the Freeport, Maine outdoorsmen’s emporium. Book packed with quintessentially arch Bean prose. Lavish illustrations depict such pseudo-woodsy arcana as Penobscot Paper Clip, a Pet’s Camping Bra (“useful support garment for busty animals”) and Alice B. Toklas Trail Mix.

Manufactured in Manhattan and polished at Cornell, Gingold is a theater director and actor. Current production: Talley’s Folly in Tampa, Fla. Started spoofing Beaniana by designing and mailing parody pages from the Bean catalog, which he “loves” and finds “unique and true and American.” He knocked out the book in eight weeks last summer. Current hobbies: jogging (30 miles a week), “cooking things that don’t require a lot of pots and pans.” Single; 6’2″, 150 pounds; comes complete with a modest supply of rejection slips from previous writing projects.

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