May 20, 1985 12:00 PM

Hello, girls. Thank you for taking a whole day out of your busy modeling careers to come here and pose for this rare group shot, and thank you too, Iman, even if you were three hours late. As you know, the photo Bert Stern is about to take of you will be the cover of Becoming a Professional Model by Larry Goldman, and some of the proceeds will go to the charity MAMAN, or Models Against Missing, Abused and Needy children. And it was also very generous of 23 top designers to supply 45 dresses and of Harry Winston and Bulgari to lend about $18 million worth of jewelry with all these guards. What do you mean, Kim, you don’t want to go to the bathroom with all that stuff on and those guards watching you? What do you mean, Deirdre, you don’t like red lipstick? It really doesn’t matter, Andie, that your bare feet are getting dirty, and yes, Carol, you do have your dress on backward. Look, while we’re waiting for Bert to get things just right, Krishna Johnson here, from PEOPLE, has a couple of questions for you. What’s your favorite color? Pink, most of you say? Who’s your favorite designer? Azzedine Alaïa? Okay. What do you think of the Madonna look? You never heard of Madonna? Who’s your favorite singer? Phil Collins? Your most favorite clothing? “Old slips,” you say, Andie? “Birthday suit,” you say, Joan? And do you count calories? Never? Wait, don’t start clowning around now, bubble gum can really wreck your makeup, girls…. Girls…?

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