February 05, 1990 12:00 PM

In the chic Swiss town of Klosters, a toddler bundled up in a bright red snowsuit tumbled in the January snow, picked herself up, brushed herself off and clapped her white-mittened hands with glee. When the carrot nose of a snowman fell off, the child did what any 17-month-old would do: She tried to take a bite. Of course, this cherub’s antics were closely watched. This was Princess Beatrice, fifth in line to the British throne.

With her father, Andrew, the Duke of York, away at sea and her mother, Sarah, taking it easy before the March birth of her second child, Beatrice busied herself throwing snow at her nanny and a bodyguard. While Mummy had breakfast with old friend Julia Dodd-Noble one day, Beatrice got some snowsuited company from Julia’s 22-month-old daughter, Eliza.

The fun was so irresistible, though, that Fergie did appear for a short sled ride, looking casually chic—and surprisingly slim-in a shearling jacket, fake-fur hat and form-fitting jeans. Indeed, poor Fergie, roundly criticized for her 50-lb. weight gain during her last pregnancy, seems determined not to repeat that experience: This time she has gained only 20 lbs. In response to tabloid taunts, her father and prime defender, Maj. Ronald Ferguson, said, “She just can’t win. Last time they said she was too fat, now she’s too slim.”

At least one British citizen wasn’t concerned with the controversy. Smiling and happy, Beatrice played on. This, after all, was snow business.

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