August 16, 1982 12:00 PM

It had all the glitzy trappings of a Hollywood film premiere: limos, photographers, jewels and stars in profusion. The only thing missing was the film. This time the moguls of Tinseltown had called out the ranks for the multiple-charity benefit opening of the New Universal Amphitheatre, a 6,251-capacity stadium on a Universal back lot recently remodeled for $22 million by studio boss Lew Wasserman. A sell-out crowd paid up to $1,250 a toss to sway to the tunes of Nancy Sinatra and her old blue-eyed dad, who nearly raised the brand-new roof with his rendition of New York, New York. Most felt it was worth the markup from the usual $25 ticket to ogle the 1,500 truly glamorous guests—Angie Dickinson, Charlton Heston, Lloyd Bridges, Janet Leigh and Suzanne Pleshette, among others—who crowded into high-priced orchestra seats. Afterward, at a nearby tent, the biggest spenders downed Chasen’s famous fare: chili, hamburgers and chocolate sundaes. But the evening’s finer points were reserved for the man of the hour. “It’s a great theater Lew’s built here,” said Sinatra. “I call it Lew Wasserman’s spaceship.”

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