By People Staff
Updated March 11, 1974 12:00 PM

Large-scale prize

Joergen Petersen of Hvidovre, Denmark was out for a peaceful day of fishing when he hooked into this giant cod. Back on shore he soon found out it was a national record, and photographers insisted on a portrait. Rather than wait to have it winched into the air, Petersen enthusiastically picked up his catch barehanded and held up 63 pounds of prizewinning fish for all of Denmark to see and envy.

Putt and take

Professional golfers usually demand quiet and decorum on the course. There are exceptions, of course, as witnessed here by Leonard Thompson, a 27-year-old pro from Lumberton, N.C. who had just scored 10 under par to win the Inverrary Tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. First he gave a big hug to his caddie, Paul Bramlett, who reciprocated by jumping into his arms. Thompson’s next gesture was even more heartwarming: he donated $10,000 of his $52,000 prize to the Boys Clubs of America, the charity for which the tournament had been organized.

Designing fellow

The Make-It-Yourself-with-Wool Contest, sponsored in San Diego by the wool growers, will never be the same. This year Gary Oden of Fremont, Calif. (center) entered with the double-breasted suit he made. He won. Oden makes all his clothes except socks.

The Guv and Jeanne

Maryland Governor Marvin Mandel and “the other woman,” Mrs. Jeanne Dorsey finally were free to see each other—at an indoor tennis tournament—and be seen. Only a few months ago Mandel stunned his constituents by announcing he was divorcing his longtime wife, Bootsie, to marry Mrs. Dorsey. Bootsie fought the romance, and even forced the governor out of the mansion temporarily. But she relented in the end, and the Guv and Jeannie went public.

Running on pasta

Mary Decker is the dazzling pony-tailed 15-year-old from California who set a world’s record in the indoor half-mile of 2:02.4. She has a training secret: before each race she devours a big bowl of spaghetti, a diet which would give the ordinary distance runner debilitating heartburn.