By People Staff
May 13, 2002 12:00 PM


He learned tae kwon do from his father, Soo Woong, a former competitor in Seoul. And although Will Yun Lee’s martial arts training comes in handy during his high-kicking scenes on TNT’s action drama Witchblade (he plays a beyond-the-grave mentor), it also keeps him in top-notch shape. “It gives you the kind of body a dancer has,” says Lee, 27, “very streamlined but very powerful.” Equally impressive, says Witchblade star Yancy Butler, is Lee’s “magnetic quality.” When she met the Virginia-born actor at his audition in 1999, “I was totally floored by how good-looking he was.” The unmarried Lee, who will play a villain in this fall’s Bond flick Die Another Day, isn’t much concerned with improving upon those looks. “I don’t use any creams, I get free haircuts on the set, and nr mom is always after me to stay out of thrift shops,” says the 5’9″ Lee, who lives in L.A. “I’ll tell him to go buy new clothes,” says Jing Ja, 60, “arid all he’ll say is, ‘Mom, that’s my style. A good, heart counts more than new clothes.’ ”