August 28, 2006 12:00 PM

Despite reports that Prince Albert was about to propose to Charlene Wittstock, 28, his girlfriend of nine months, marriage now appears to rank low on the princely to-do list. In Newport, R.I., on the weekend of Aug. 11 for a jazz festival and charity event, Albert, 48, was accompanied by Heather Van Zuidam, a Naples, Fla., real estate agent; they were guests of the private club Carnegie Abbey. Though they held hands and shared a kiss, Van Zuidam, 33, told PEOPLE she met Albert at a tennis event in Monaco 15 years ago and that they are “longtime friends.” So will Albert—who in June acknowledged paternity of a second child born out of wedlock—ever marry? In an Aug. 13 interview with Good Morning America, he avowed, “I have no plans in the near or distant future.”

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