October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

STYLE WEAKNESS: Comic, without relief

WORST OFFENSE: Wore sweatpants and high-tops to a black-tie event

What can you say about a woman whose most chic, understated ensemble was the ahead-of-its-time nun’s habit (the religious look is now in, you know) that she wore in the 1992 hit Sister Act? Possibly because comedy made her famous, Goldberg, 43, who earned a reported $8 million for the sequel due in December, also views her offscreen wardrobe as nunsense. The actress bops around L.A. in sneakers and workout gear. “It takes a lot—get dressed up, present yourself as a star is supposed to be presented,” she has said. Renowned film and TV costumer Nolan Miller (Dynasty) considers a prime achievement “getting Whoopi into high heels and a bra” for Soapdish. He was lucky. Goldberg, who currently Cheers up divorcing Ted Danson, showed up last winter at Harvard in a suit big enough for two. For this year’s Oscars she outdid herself in a green-and-grape-juice-colored gown. The getup included a skirt that opened to reveal turquoise and (she clearly loves the color purple) eggplant capri pants. And, of course, the lipstick was aubergine. (Not for nothing did Whoopi get a degree in cosmetology.) Fashion critics howled, but Goldberg stood firm: “After all, it’s Hollywood.” And after all, it’s Whoopi.

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