By People Staff
May 29, 1978 12:00 PM

They know how to do things in Hollywood—Hollywood, Fla., that is. The Stanford Cohens were kicking around ideas of where they might have son Harvey’s bar mitzvah celebration on his 13th birthday. “Harvey,” explains his father, a Miami Beach lawyer, “seems to have been born with a ball in his hand—football, baseball, basketball—and I wanted a sports-related event.” Out of the Cohen family huddle came the idea of renting the 80,000-seat Orange Bowl for the evening.

Cohen paid $1,500 for the stadium and probably another $18,000 (the party organizer would only say, “It was more than expected”) before the festivities ended at 3 a.m. The 200 guests were transported to the party tents on the 50-yard line in golf carts. They found bartenders in striped referee shirts and waitresses in tennis dresses with “H” for Harvey on the chest. After Grandpa Robert Cohen in an embroidered blue yarmulke had blessed the symbolic loaf, a six-course meal including matzo ball soup was served. At half-time the 68-piece Hialeah Senior High School band with pom-pom girls serenaded and high-stepped for Harvey (their fee: a $150 donation). Later a disco group kept the schoolboy Travoltas on their toes. “I’ll remember this all my life,” burbled Harvey. But one rabbi denounced the party as “more bar than mitzvah.”

Harvey’s sister, Elena, looks forward to her 16th birthday in August. She’s a Los Angeles Rams fan. “I want something nice,” said Elena. But of course. Would the L.A. Coliseum (cap. 93,000) be too ostentatious?