January 30, 1984 12:00 PM

Her first marriage, to music publisher Allan Rider, collapsed after two years. Her second, to Michael (A Change of Seasons) Brandon, lasted only three years. On the next whirl, Lindsay Wagner was convinced that she had finally gotten it right: This time she married Hollywood stuntman Henry Kingi. During a Lake Tahoe ceremony in May 1981, bride and groom recited a moving Paiute Indian blessing, committing their lives to each other and to God. But that marriage apparently is over too, and Lindsay is once again divorcing. Neither Wagner, 34, nor Kingi, 40, will comment on the breakup. But one friend, calling the couple “mismatched from the start,” says, “Henry’s laid-back. But Lindsay, when she’s working, is crazed, throwing herself into every role. It was like living with a roller coaster.”

Kingi, according to his good friend, A-Team stunt coordinator Craig Baxley, is “despondent.” To marry Lindsay, who reportedly pursued him while he worked as a stuntman on her Bionic Woman series, Kingi left his wife and their teenage son and daughter. “Henry seemed to disappear once he married her,” says a friend who grew up with Kingi in a lower-middle-class L.A. neighborhood. “It was stormy all the way through. He tried to enter her world, but there was never a comingling of their lives.”

Reportedly, Wagner gave up drugs and liquor under the influence of the clean-living Kingi. A devoted first-time mom, she took their son, Dorian (born September 1982), everywhere, including the Toronto set of her recently wrapped movie, Martin’s Day, leaving Henry alone in their Coldwater Canyon house. “The child situation is a very sensitive issue with Henry,” says a friend.

Added tension apparently was created by Lindsay’s pressure on Henry to get out of stunting, which she considered too dangerous a profession for a father. Kingi, who is part black, Caucasian, Japanese and Indian, was once active in the Black Stuntmen’s Association and is currently with The A-Team. He reportedly earns $50,000 to $75,000 a year. Although Lindsay collected more than $1 million during The Bionic Woman’s two and a half years, associates say that her finances later became precarious. Marilyn Ball, the actress’ mother and business manager, is said to have sunk a fortune into Portland, Oreg. property, leaving Wagner cash poor when the real estate market dipped two years ago.

But it is Lindsay’s undeclared first love—her career—that continues to get in the way of her love life. Currently she is filming Passions, a TV movie co-starring Joanne Woodward, while another TV project, about a woman geologist who lives in the Amazon, is being negotiated.

How long Kingi will remain in the couple’s lush, rustic-style home isn’t known. Wagner has moved out with Dorian—the one happy product of an unhappy union.

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