By Charlotte Triggs
December 05, 2011 12:00 PM

Everybody has embarrassing childhood memories-even celebrities. Now here’s proof: The awkward photos as well as the often-hilarious journal entries, poetic musings and 4-H Club reports (good job raising those hogs, Eric Stonestreet!) of the stars have been collected as part of the Sundance Channel’s new series The Mortified Sessions, which debuts Dec. 5. “Everyone has dealt with being rejected for prom or getting in trouble,” says David Nagelberg, host and executive producer. “We’re celebrating the weird little kids they all were!”

Jennifer Grey

“I had a better start than a lot of people,” admits Grey, 51, who lived in N.Y.C. with actor-dad Joel Grey. But looking over old diary pages, she realized she was still a typical high school girl prone to melodrama. “I was a bizarre child,” she says. “I looked through this stuff and said, ‘What was wrong with me?'”

“Right now my teeth hurt so much. I’m so hysterically excited (you know me, Hysterical Hannah!) about getting my braces off”

Megan Mullally

Growing up in Oklahoma City, the Will & Grace actress, 53, embraced her own unique style. “I looked like I was trying out for an Ingmar Bergman film,” she says. “I wrote pretentious stories and nauseating poetry. I’d shut myself in my room and make up dances that would invariably involve me dying of love.”

“You said you would get us a horse and by getting us a dog you come out ahead money-wise”

Will Forte

“As a kid, I was more annoying than funny,” says the Saturday Night Live alum, 41, recalling moments from his L.A. childhood (like a plea for a pet, written on sister Michelle’s stationery). Another relic unearthed? A handwritten punishment: “I will not burp out loud” scrawled 25 times.

“The sea moves stonily with much dark tension from the windless coves … ”

Eric Stonestreet

During his Kansas childhood, the Modern Family star, 40, was an enthusiastic fan of livestock-and the 4-H club. “There was a program they had, Clothes Strategy, where they taught you how to match your outfits together,” he recalls. “And I always felt a love for my pigs-but in a healthy way!”

“My swine project was by far the best thing that has happen to me so far in my years in 4-H”