By People Staff
October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

STYLE STRENGTH: A bold eye and a great bod

FASHION SECRET: Puts colors together like Picasso

He proves that true style sizzle comes from what’s under the outer layers. No, not Calvins, confidence. “I think I have kind of a natural magnetism,” actor Wesley Snipes, 31, has said. Rising Sun costume designer Jacqueline West agrees. “He has such physical presence and wonderful body movements,” she says of the former dancer. No one but Snipes could make the vivid colors he favors—electric blue, pumpkin orange, scarlet red—look so elegant. Or a baggy suit sexier than tight jeans. A size 40 regular, Snipes is, says a Spike Lee costumer, Donna Berwick, “an easy fit. Most things look great on him.” He does his best shopping on the set: He bought the patchwork Gaultier jacket he wore in Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues and a $290 Isaac Mizrahi shirt from Jungle Fever. Offscreen, the divorced dad of a 4-year-old son mixes couture and curbside; in the closet of his Venice Beach home, Armanis hang alongside overalls. Nearby, a stow of patent-leather Doc Martens, hoop earrings and, since he has gone for the shaved-head look, pate-concealing kerchiefs. Haberdashers take heed: “I’ve been thinking,” Snipes has said, “about running my own little line of bandanna wear.”