By People Staff
October 16, 2006 12:00 PM

David Wright isn’t a real person. He was cloned by rogue scientists using DNA from Babe Ruth, George Clooney and a church choir. Anyway, that’s one theory. Another is that the wonder-boy third-baseman for the New York Mets—favored to reach the World Series this month, thanks in no small part to their slugging cyborg—is just plain all that. Consider:

Women love the guy

They come to games with “Marry Me” signs and “Mrs. Wright” jerseys. “The guys on the team give me a hard time about how the girls are all like 10, 11, 12 years old,” says the blushing tween dream. “Women show me pictures of their daughters and granddaughters.”

He’s worth a bazillion dollars

Actually $55 million, the size of the six-year contract Wright, 23, just signed. Yet he hasn’t splurged on any bling—’cause he thinks his pop wouldn’t approve.

Oh yeah, he’s really into family

The Virginia native checks in with dad Rhon, a police chief, and mom Elisa, a public school employee, often to see how his pet boxer Homer is doing.

He’s a role model

The David Wright Foundation benefits children’s causes, and this summer he won a charity bubble-gum blowing contest, setting a new record with a 14-incher. “Yup,” he says, “proud of that.”

  • He’s, like, awesomely cool
  • He’s got his own blog, he’s in an Xbox game, and he gave Jerry Seinfeld batting tips. Currently single, he likes athletic girls (think Jessica Biel, a fave) “and I love the beach at night,” says Wright, who’s dream date would be “dinner and then a walk on the beach to hear the waves.” Okay, no way this guy is real.