May 09, 2005 12:00 PM

Linda Hardy, 31.

See her in the sci-fi thriller Immortal on DVD in June.

“The first time saw her I was struck by the intelligence and life in her eyes. She’s got this uniquely exotic beauty” —Jane Jenkins

Q’Orianka Kilcher, 15.

See her in the 17th-century drama The New World, in theaters in November.

“Q’Orianka has the look of a blending of cultures, and a stillness in her that draws you in.” —Francine Maisler

James McAvoy, 26.

See him in the C.S. Lewis fantasy classic The Chronicles of Narnia in theaters in December.

“He has beautiful eyes, classic looks with a devilish sparkle. He’s sexy and otherworldly” —Mindy Marin

Alexis Dziena, 20.

See her in the ABC sci-fi series Invasion, due this fall.

“She’s adorable. She’s somewhere between a girl and a woman. She’s this combination of sexiness and innocence.”—Ellen Lewis

Mike Vogel, 25.

See him in the Jennifer Aniston comedy Rumor Has It, in theaters in December.

“He’s cute as can be, and he’s got an immense likability and warmth. He’s got this great, open, California beach boy sort of face” —Janet Hirshenson

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