December 29, 2003 12:00 PM

1 Is David Letterman already married?

The new daddy to baby Harry denies rumors that he and girlfriend Regina Lasko got hitched secretly on his Montana ranch. Checks of marriage records in Montana, Connecticut and New York, where he has homes, back him up. Chided by Madonna in November, he said he’d “take care of it” because he didn’t want his child “to be raised a bastard.” In December Julia Roberts wheedled, “You should marry that sweet, nice woman. She gave birth to your child.”

2 Were fans right that American Idol was rigged?

After Clay Aiken finished second to Ruben Studdard on the May 21 finale, Claymates barraged the Federal Communications Commission demanding an investigation into Idol’s viewer voting process. (The FCC says no official complaint was filed, so no probe.) Apart from host Ryan Seacrest’s bumbling the final tallies, Aiken fans claim jammed phone lines robbed their idol of his rightful win. The network denies any wrongdoing. Who’s really No. 1? That would be FOX, with 38 million viewers tuning in.

3 What happened in The Matrix Reloaded and the next Matrix film?

Four hours and 29 minutes of hard-to-follow action boiled down to this: Humans were spared by the machines, Trinity died, and nobody explained exactly what happened to Neo.

4 Did Prince Charles have sex with a male servant?

The prince revealed himself as the member of the royal family in question when he emphatically denied former valet George Smith’s accusations that he had witnessed an undisclosed encounter between a royal and a palace servant. Casting doubt on the scandal is the credibility of the source himself. Smith, who a year ago went public with a claim that he had been raped by a palace servant, is a recovering alcoholic who had once voluntarily committed himself to a psychiatric clinic for treatment. In point of fact, more than half of the Brits surveyed in a poll take the prince’s side.

5 Where’s the $6,000 shower curtain that Tyco’s former CEO Dennis Kozlowski allegedly charged to shareholders?

Let’s go to the videotape: In November jurors at the trial of Kozlowski and codefendant former Tyco chief financial officer Mark Swartz took a virtual tour of the indicted tycoon’s $18 million Fifth Avenue duplex, where they saw the gold-and-burgundy number hanging in the housekeeper’s bathroom. Yes, the housekeeper’s bathroom.

6 Who did Diana think would cause the car crash that she predicted would kill her?

Only her former confidant—butler Paul Burrell—knows for sure, and he certainly isn’t talking. Diana divulged her premonition to Burrell in a 1996 letter, which he excerpted in his tell-all memoir A Royal Duty, but he omitted the suspected culprit’s name. Speculating on a murder plot against the princess, the U.K.’s Guardian Unlimited Web site fingered a member of the royal family, Britain’s MI6 and MI5 intelligence agencies or the U.S.’s CIA. But the site also said that such a scenario was remote, since the crash would have been very difficult to stage and the resulting deification of Diana and demonization of the Palace were the exact things the alleged plotters would have tried to avoid.

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