By Mary Margaret
April 30, 2007 12:00 PM

NAME: Christopher Gorham

AGE: 32

HOMETOWN: Fresno, Calif.

LATEST GIG: Making Ugly Betty (and viewers) swoon as America Ferrera’s love interest, Henry.

• The Go-To Geek

He played a string of nerds—on shows like Jake 2.0 and Popular—before snaring the role of Betty’s favorite dork. Being the dweeb has “worked out all right for me,” says Gorham, who admits that “Henry’s hair is based on my high school hair.”

  • A Real-Life Romantic
  • “One Valentine’s Day after my wife [Anel, 32] and I got engaged, I blindfolded her and took her outside Tiffany,” he says. “We went in when it opened, and I bought her some jewelry.” He and Anel have two boys, Ethan, 3, and Lucas, 5.
  • Passion Play
  • Just how hot and heavy are things getting between Betty and Henry? “A producer told me they may be building Henry’s apartment for an upcoming episode,” confides Gorham. So the nerds might be letting down their hair? “It’s a possibility.”

• The Hoff He Ain’t

“When I was in college, I was an intern on Baywatch,” says Gorham. “They let me audition for the role of a swimmer, and I showed up in a Speedo. They gave the role to a stuntman, and I got ridiculed for the rest of the summer.”