By People Staff
Updated February 28, 2005 12:00 PM

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Art gallery director, Los Angeles


JOHN PAUL MERRITT, 25 Entrepreneur, Oklahoma City

“The night we went to hear jazz at Lincoln Center. That was when I realized I was falling for her. I thought, This is it. The whole package.'”

Romantic Clincher

“Bermuda—dinner on the beach. Every question we asked each other, the answer turned out to be great. And after dinner, they shot off fireworks.”

“She makes you feel like you’re the only person who exists.”

What About Jen Turns You to Mush?

“The skip in her step.”

“Because there’s a connection between us, an attraction that to me is undeniable.”

I Am Rose-Worthy

“Because I can provide for her and give her everything that she’s looking for.”

“He’s very charming—we had a very easy back-and-forth together.”

Well, Jen?

“He’s only 25″—Jen is 28—”but he definitely seems ready to settle down.”