Display Headline: Two Fatties Get a New Kind of Lockjaw - Vol. 1 No. 1

The drastic remedy shared by the smiling women on these pages is no joke—but neither were their weight problems. Shirley Turner, 36, Carlton, England (left) was unable to exercise because of a spinal disease and could not control her eating. She convinced her skeptical doctor that locking her mouth shut was the only way she could reduce. He did so with dental cement and tiny bolts. Once-svelte 23-year-old Debi Horn of Gibraltar, Mich. simply ate constantly. Her doctors were even more hesitant to wire her jaws, but she insisted. In two months each woman has lost 35 pounds and hopes to shed 75 pounds more before her jaws are unleashed again. The braces were painful at first but the women have gotten used to them and can talk almost normally. They must subsist entirely on liquids—a healthful but unexciting diet. While thrilled by her reappearing waistline Debi admits, “I’d sure love to bite into something crunchy.”

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