By People Staff
May 27, 1991 12:00 PM

FOR A BRIEF MOMENT LAST WEEK, there appeared to be a ceasefire in the War of the Trumps, during which the once-golden couple seemed to be moving ahead on separate tracks. “Life goes on,” the resilient Ivana philosophized to Barbara Walters May 10 on ABC’s 20/20.

But Ivana didn’t stop there; she went on to tell Walters her version of a December 1989 confrontation with Maria Maples in Aspen and the end of her marriage to the Donald. In the twinkling of a lawyer’s eye, the thump of not-so-smart bombs was heard once again over Gotham. Ivana’s ex, allegedly furious over the ABC segment, planned to slap her with a $1 million-plus lawsuit. Trump’s attorney, Jay Goldberg, claimed the interview breached the confidentiality clause in the Trumps’ 1987 prenuptial agreement, which states that Ivana cannot give interviews about their life together without Donald’s approval. Trump is also prepared to suspend his yearly $350,000 alimony payment, part of the couple’s $10 million-plus divorce settlement.

Ivana’s attorney, Michael Kennedy, isn’t worried. “Donald Trump is constantly threatening to sue,” he says. “His threats are as hollow as his promises.”

But apparently he’s good for at least one promise. He recently slipped an engagement ring to Maria Maples, who has been publicly by his side since October. Just two days before Ivana’s televised interview, the would-be Mrs. Trump started sporting a diamond-studded Tiffany band, reportedly valued at a mere 815,000. Noting the modest size of the stones, quips Joan Rivers, “I hope she continues to believe that little things mean a lot.”

Leave it to spoilsports to throw cold water on Maria’s moment. The New York Post even reported a rumor linking Trump with an Italian model described as “very thin and very flat-chested.” Idle gossip, perhaps. But Ivana did tell Walters she didn’t think Donald was capable of being faithful to one woman, and even Maria is only a one-woman show.