April 17, 2006 12:00 PM

In addition to his trusted aides Carolyn and George, Donald Trump has enlisted two new advisers to help him fire away on The Apprentice this season: son Donald Jr., 28, and daughter Ivanka, 24, who both work for their dad’s real-estate corporation. Recently the siblings talked with PEOPLE’s Mark Dagostino about growing up Trump and their new TV gig.

Did you jump at the chance to appear on the show?

Donald Jr.: I held off for four seasons [because] it’s very time-consuming. Plus, it was my father’s thing, and I didn’t want to encroach on that. But he’s a very persuasive guy; you can only say no for so long.

Ivanka: In spite of our hesitation, we enjoyed it and had a lot of fun.

Do you two think you could handle the competition on The Apprentice?

Donald Jr.: We don’t get a free ride. If we did not do as good or better than anyone else, [our father] would fire us. That’s the way a business should be run.

Ivanka: I think his phrase was “You [could] be fired like a dog.” He’s said it publicly, but he’s not joking.

So could you win on the show?

Donald Jr.: No doubt.

Ivanka: Definitely! Our big credo is “Second place is only the first loser.”

Is there a sibling rivalry between you?

Ivanka: No. But we’re highly competitive. I went skiing with my younger brother once and he beat me down the mountain, and I was devastated!

Donald Jr.: Ultimately we’re a family company, and it doesn’t behoove us not to be nice.

Any sense of rivalry toward your new half brother Barron, born March 20?

Ivanka: There’s such an age difference that it’s a nonissue. We’re just excited. I’ve offered babysitting services.

Donald Jr.: When my father’s in a good mood, everyone’s in a good mood—and he’s thrilled about [Barron].

Ever give your dad advice on The Hair?

Donald Jr.: I don’t bring up the hair—I might be destined for the same fate.

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