As Jennifer Hudson got emotional, Coldplay, Kanye and the JoBros riffed off pop icons on Grammy Night

By Marisa Laudadio/Chicago Rennie Dyball/Chicago Nikitta Foston/Chicago Jessica Herndon/Los AngelesJulie Jordan/Los Angeles and Eunice Oh/Los Angeles
Updated February 23, 2009 12:00 PM

Call it the ultimate music mix: At the Grammys in L.A., the Jonas Brothers got funkadelic with Stevie Wonder; Sir Paul rocked with the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl; and Taylor Swift sang an acoustic “Fifteen” with pal Miley Cyrus. But most amazing? With less than three hours to prep, Al Green and Justin Timberlake delivered “Let’s Stay Together” (replacing Rihanna‘s performance—see page 52). “[I was] in the shower and they said, ‘Whatever you have, throw it in the bag and come on,'” said Green, who, like JT, is from Memphis. “That’s what we do!”