By People Staff
May 08, 1995 12:00 PM

IN COMPUTER-GAME CIRCLES—and on the street too—he’s a knockout. With his strong bones and thick, brown hair, electronic-entertainment magnate William “Trip” Hawkins III, 41, cuts a charismatic swath through Silicon Valley. But the Harvard-educated businessman could not care less. “If somebody thinks I’m attractive, that’s nice,” he says. “And if somebody doesn’t, I’m not particularly surprised.” Hawkins, though, is a master at surprising others. In 1982 he founded a computer-and video-game company. Electronic Arts, and led it to the top of the market with best sellers such as John Madden Football and Road Rash. Four years ago he staked part of his estimated $100 million fortune in 3DO, a Redwood City, Calif., company that he hopes will revolutionize home game playing with a new format that operates on TV sets. “Trip is one of those lucky people,” says his wife, Diana, 36, an interactive-TV consultant, of her 6′, 165-lb. mate. “He eats whatever he wants, he doesn’t exercise much, and he always looks good. I think it’s his nervous energy, but it makes a lot of people jealous.” Hawkins doesn’t notice. He gets $8 haircuts at Supercuts and restocks his wardrobe at the mall. “My appearance depends on my mood swings,” he says. “When I feel like I’m doing something important and making a contribution, that’s when I look my best.”