By People Staff
April 01, 2001 12:00 PM


Prude Awakening for Initial Castoff

Who’s the boss? Debb Eaton thought the answer was obvious. Attempting to take control in Kucha from the moment Survivor’s 16 new castmates plunked down in a military plane, Eaton deemed herself the authority on how to read a map, build a fire—even on what is appropriate to discuss in the tent at night, when the younger tribemates engaged in sexual banter. “The conversations turned right into MTV Beach House talk,” says Eaton. “As soon as they realized my preference was not to participate, I was open game.” That she was. After Kucha lost the torch-race immunity challenge (which doubled as a reward challenge for waterproof matches), the tribe decided the corrections officer needed some course correction. The voting wasn’t even close. “Everybody usually likes me,” Eaton says, still perplexed. “I went to Australia because I knew it was impossible that I’d be voted off first! Hah!”

Gimme Kimmi: “She just talks and talks and talks,” Jeff groused. “I just wanna grab her by the neck and shake the s—-out of her.”


Where’s the Beef (Jerky)?

The tribes competed in a daring cliff-dive and a game of culinary Wheel of Misfortune, but the biggest challenge of the day was Kel’s: Prove you didn’t sneak off to gnaw on a secreted stick of beef jerky, as Jerri claimed. Gleason pleaded not guilty but was convicted anyway. “I was eating bark, leaves and grass,” he asserts. “I wasn’t catching any fish, so I became a herbivore.” He also became deeply offended. “I was super-angry,” he says. “But one of the worst things I could do was lose my temper, so I decided, ‘I’m going to kill them with kindness. I’m going to let them go through my bag.’ ” Little did he know they already had—”But I stayed calm and swallowed my pride.” He might yet have reason to thank Jerri. “I’ve already been approached by several beef jerky companies [asking me] to represent them,” he says.

Too Real: Mad Dog removes her denture

Chef Who? Keith botches the rice.


Who Let the Mad Dog Out? Ogakor!

Doggone it! Maralyn Hershey just couldn’t keep up with the pack. The grueling obstacle course proved too much of an obstacle for the 52-year-old former cop. Falling down so often that “Cowboy” (Colby’s emergent nickname) had to hang back and keep picking her up, she cost Ogakor the immunity challenge, sending them to Tribal Council for the second time in a row. Though her teammates liked her (Tina even drew a frowny face on her voting card after spelling out Mad Dog’s name), they did her in. Wishing she had created “a mature team alliance,” as she calls it, with Keith and Tina, Maralyn suspects her age led to her ejection. “What happened was I think the young crocs pretty much got an alliance going early on and beat me to the punch,” she says. “Maybe the youngsters thought I came across as authoritarian or a know-it-all.” On the other hand, in the Kucha camp, grizzled Rodger bonded with dewy Elisabeth, giving her a heart-shaped stone as a memento. All in all, Maralyn’s sense of humor survived intact. Asked if any endorsement opportunities might be coming her way, she replies sarcastically, “It would be wonderful if Depends called me.”

Night Moves: Jerri treats Colby to a sexy back rub.


Porcine of the Times

At his height, Mitchell Olson enjoys a sweeping view of most things, but he certainly didn’t see his demise coming. Betrayed by his capricious alliance partners, Colby and Tina, Mitchell looked dumbstruck when he lost in a tiebreaker. “You all pulled a fast one on me,” he said at Ogakor’s third-straight Tribal Council. Still, he had invited the vote and felt relieved. “I was always very nervous about challenges because I really didn’t think I had it in me,” he admits. Hunger hit him especially hard. As soon as he left, Mitchell refuelled on a feast of Doritos, lasagna and steak. Kucha, meanwhile, pigged out on their own after winning four live chickens, beating Ogakor in yet another challenge. Kucha’s great white hunter, Mike, coolly beheaded the rooster, which became lunch only hours before he chased down and knifed a wild boar near camp. Smearing its blood on his face, he utterly disgusted Kimmi, the tribe’s weepy vegetarian. “This is like a murder scene!” cried Elisabeth, who nonetheless relished the roasted pig hours later.

Feud for thought: “I didn’t come here to be pushed around by some bartender wannabe actress.”—Keith, on Jerri