By People Staff
May 08, 2000 12:00 PM

SURE, MICHAEL J. FOX IS ACCLAIMED BY HIS PEERS AND ADORED by millions of fans. But the Emmy-winning star, who is leaving ABC’s Spin City this month to crusade for Parkinson’s disease research, saves his applause for his wife, Tracy Pollan. “Whenever I see pictures of the two of us,” he says, “I always think, ‘Who is that lucky little short guy?’ ” Even after nearly 12 years of marriage, “I look at her, look away, look back—and she is more beautiful than she was 10 seconds ago.” Pollan, who at 5’6″ is just an inch taller than her spouse, attributes much of her radiance to Fox’s admiration: “He’s forthcoming and very complimentary, and, you know, it does make you feel beautiful.” The 39-year-old actress, who recently completed a sitcom pilot coproduced by her husband, also relies on a stripped-down regimen suitable for a Manhattan mother of three (son Sam, 10, and twin daughters Schuyler and Aquinnah, 5). “It’s all about moisturizing,” says Pollan, who was raised in New York City by her father, Stephen, 70, an attorney and financial consultant, and mother, Corky, 70, a magazine editor. “The face, the body, the hair. As long as I’m fully moisturized, I feel I can walk out the door.” Makeup is limited to lipstick and under-eye concealer. And “in my day-to-day life,” she says, “my hair is never not in a ponytail.” Pollan’s long locks, however, are “part of who I am,” something she learned when she had them chopped short after Sam’s birth. “I loved it for a day, and then I cried for five months,” she recalls. Fox, 38, hasn’t forgotten, “I don’t volunteer many opinions about this stuff, but if she ever talks about cutting her hair, I’d say, ‘Don’t do it!’ ” he exclaims. “I won’t be able to live through it again.” Actress Jennifer Grey, Pollan’s best friend since they were classmates at the private Dalton School, says her pal’s low-maintenance style dates back to their teens—as do her admirable abdominals. “She has the same stomach she had in high school!” marvels Grey. “After three kids, that’s like a miracle!”