By People Staff
June 20, 2005 12:00 PM

Christopher, 5, & Dean Cain, 38

“He is stubborn, he is funny, he is lovable,” Cain said in ’03. Fatherhood “is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of. It’s also by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.”

Mayan, 9, & George Lopez, 44

“My wish is for my daughter just to be happy and free,” Lopez said in ’03. “She knows that I’m always there.”

James Wilkie, 2, & Matthew Broderick. 43

Boys’ day out: James Wilkie and Dad (Mom is Sarah Jessica Parker) took in a Mets vs. Yankees game in April. “Fatherhood loosens you up in many ways,” Broderick told New York’s Daily News last year.

Max, 21, & Henry Winkler, 59

“Every parent wants their children to be happy and meet their destiny,” Winkler said last year.

Willow, 4, & Will Smith, 36

Daddy’s girl: The hands-on pop gave his daughter with wife Jada Pinkett Smith a lift in May.

Lucas, 17, & Andy Dick, 39

Like father, like son: The comedian and his teenage minime (Mom is Dick’s first wife, Ivone Kowalczyk) are two of a kind.

Ella Bleu, 5, & John Travolta, 51

“That is your face!” Travolta pal Oprah Winfrey once told the actor of his look-alike daughter.

Olivia, 1, & Eddie Vedder, 40

Fatherhood to daughter Olivia brings out the softer side of the Pearl Jam rocker.