June 25, 2012 12:00 PM

1 Angelina’s Oscars Pose

The star’s right leg took center stage, spawning an avalanche of parodies and even its own Twitter feed. Her response? “The people I surround myself with don’t talk about that kind of stuff…. I didn’t pay any attention.”

2 Tanning Mom

New Jersey housewife Patricia Krentcil, 44, came under fire, not only for her tanning habit but also for allegedly taking her 6-year-old daughter into the tanning booth with her, causing burns.

IN 1996!

3 A Former Child Star’s Buff Bod

Precocious Jerry Maguire tyke Jonathan Lipnicki, now 21, went from brainy to brawny, courtesy of intense weight training and jujitsu.

4 Carnie’s Second Weight Loss Surgery

After regaining most of the weight she shed with her 1999 gastric bypass, Wilson, 44, opted for a Lap-Band procedure in January. “I needed an intervention,” says the singer.

5 Becks’ Steamy Super Bowl Ad

David Beckham, 37, raised heart rates with an ad for his H&M Bodywear collection-which he spent 18 months developing. “I’m very happy with the end result,” he said.

6 The Feeding Tube Diet

A news report revealed that some brides are losing prenuptial pounds with a $1,500 ten-day program during which feeding tubes supplying only 800 calories a day are inserted by nose. Critics say potential side effects include kidney stones and dehydration.

7 Lisa Rinna Dons Depends

The actress, 48, wore an adult diaper to promote the brand’s new “fashionable” Silhouette line. Though she doesn’t use the product, “if it makes women feel better about themselves, I say, why not,” she said.

8 Jessica’s Weight Watchers Deal

After signing a deal reportedly worth at least $3 million, the new mom, 31, is eager to get her pre-baby body back. Says Simpson, 31: “I just want to fit into jeans!”

9 Adele’s Spanx

The music sensation, 24, claims she squeezed into “three or four” pairs of Spanx to cut a slimmer figure at the Grammys, adding, “I took a couple pairs off to sing.”

10 Kelly vs. Christina’s Heavyweight Bout

Kelly Osbourne does not regret calling Christina Aguilera “fat” on TV: “She called me fat for years. I said, ‘… now you’re fat too!’ ” Osbourne recalled. “I stand by that.”

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