February 16, 1987 12:00 PM

I study nuclear science

I love my classes

I got a crazy teacher

He wears dark glasses

Things are goin’ great,

and they’re only

gettin’ better

I’m doin’ all right,

gettin’ good grades,

The future’s so bright,

I gotta wear shades

If they gave a Grammy for Best Lyrical Hook, it would almost certainly go to Timbuk3’s sardonic-yet-danceable single The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades. Timbuk’s 3—the band consists of husband and wife Pat MacDonald, 34, and Barbara Kooyman, 29, and their beat box—are delighted with the song’s success but a little concerned that its message—that Yuppies care too much about money and not enough about morality—isn’t getting through to listeners. “I thought my point was clear as a bell,” says MacDonald. “The man in the song is naive and dangerous.”

MacDonald and Kooyman, a pair of gangly Austinites who have been playing bars for years, will have a shot at one Grammy next week. They’ve been nominated as Best New Artists. Carlos Grasso, a talent scout who brought Timbuk 3 to the attention of IRS records, thinks they’re a band with a future. “They’ve lit a fuse,” he says, “but they haven’t gotten to the bomb yet.” Presumably, Grasso owns shades.

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