By People Staff
November 08, 2006 12:00 PM


In this summer’s Soul2Soul II tour, Hill and McGraw, both 39, generated more energy with their mix of duets and solos than the 2 million watts of electricity used for each show: Their 55-city road trip broke every country tour record, with nearly $89 million in sales. And yes—combined, they boast 14 multiplatinum CDs, more than 35 No. 1 singles, six Grammys and three daughters (Gracie, 9, Maggie, 8, and Audrey, 4). But make no mistake: This couple of 10 years are attached at the heart, not the hip. They like their alone time (Bonanza reruns for him, cooking in their home outside Nashville for her) and careers. On Oct. 20 McGraw stars in the family-film drama Flicka, while Hill has just released her new single “Stealing Kisses.” They support each other with endless affection—and, says Hill with a laugh, “a little healthy competition.” Indeed, watch McGraw watch his wife perform a solo on tour. “I love to see her come offstage and go, ‘Yes! It was awesome,'” he says. “And I say to her, ‘Oh yeah? Watch this!'”