March 10, 2003 12:00 PM

Unforgettable Oscar Dos

Oscar-bound celebs—or, more accurately, their put-upon stylists—often spend weeks searching for just the right red-carpet outfit. Sometimes, though, it’s the star’s hairstyle that, for better or worse, makes the real fashion statement. As we gear up for this year’s big night, check out our gallery of memorable manes (and some we’d rather forget) from Academy Awards past.

Poll asked: If today’s hottest young pop stars competed on American Idol, who would Simon Cowell be most inclined to kick off?

Britney Spears 70%

Christina Aguilera 18%

Ashanti 7%

Justin Timberlake 5%


Before film school, Oscar-nominated director Martin Scorsese (left) briefly studied to be a priest. Call him Mr. Melting Pot: London-born actor Alfred Molina, now an American citizen, has a Spanish father and an Italian mother. Sheryl Crow once taught grade-school music. Find out more about these celebrities and hundreds of others in our PEOPLE Profiles.


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