March 31, 2003 12:00 PM

Best and Worst Oscar Fashions

It’s Hollywood’s biggest night of the year—and we’ve got it all covered. From the fabulous fashions to up-to-the-minute news reports, you won’t miss a beat.

Check out these great features:

•Best and Worst Oscar Fashions

•Hairstyle Dos and Don’ts

•Red Carpet Trends


Don’t forget to gear up for the show with our galleries of past Academy Awards fashions.

Poll asked: The TV show Married by America is putting a new twist on wedding vows. Would you trust television viewers to set you up with the right partner?

Yes! (They’d do better than my mother!)


No! (Aren’t arranged marriages over?!)



Oscar host Steve Martin, left, was heading toward a career as a philosophy professor before abandoning college for comedy writing. In second grade Six Feet Under star Freddy Rodriguez had dreams of becoming a jockey. Multi-Grammy-winner Norah Jones played saxophone in her high school marching band. Find out more about these stars and hundreds of others in our photo-filled PEOPLE Profiles.

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