By People Staff
February 25, 2002 12:00 PM

The Changing Shape of Beauty

•In the ’50s, Marilyn Monroe’s curves were what every woman—and man—wanted. A decade or so later, only being as thin as Twiggy would do. Lately Kate Moss‘s waifishness has been booted out by J.Lo’s bodaciousness. Check out our photo special of celebs who have epitomized the body styles of each decade, part of our Shape Up with the Stars feature.

•PLUS: From Mousketeer to movie star (in the new Crossroads), see Britney Spears grow up in our gallery.

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Celebs in Trouble asked: From Winona Ryder to Robert Downey Jr., stars have been showing up in court lately. How do you think our legal system deals with them?

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As an airplane-obsessed youngster, John Travolta took odd jobs for money to buy airline tickets…just for the ride. English actress Tilda Swinton went to high school with Princess Diana. Will and Grace’s Megan Mullally was a ballerina. Find out more about these stars and hundreds of others with our photo-filled PEOPLE Profiles.



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