By People Staff
January 21, 2002 12:00 PM

Olympians Then and Now

•Speed-skating star Eric Heiden is now a doctor—of sports medicine. Dorothy Hamill still figure skates more than 25 years after getting her gold. Bonnie Blair now uses her speed-skating background as a commentator. As this year’s hopefuls arrive in Utah for the Winter Olympics, catch up with stars of the past in our picture-packed special.

•PLUS: Stars’ Jock Dreams

PEOPLE Profiles

In the early 1990s Kiefer Sutherland (now up for a Golden Globe for 24) made a career detour into the rodeo circuit—and even took part in the U.S. Team Roping Championships. Paul Reiser majored in piano and composition in college. Rob Lowe is deaf in his right ear. Find out more about these stars and hundreds of others with our photo-filled PEOPLE Profiles.

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Golden Globes interview special. Halle Berry, Sissy Spacek, Billy Bob Thorton and Reese Witherspoon appear in this one-hour event.