May 08, 1978 12:00 PM

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rubens of Beverly Hills didn’t lose their daughter, Julie. They gained Fleetwood’s Mac—when the superband’s co-founder and bass player John McVie plighted his troth to her in the couple’s new two-bedroom West Hollywood home. They met a year and a half ago while Julie was working for the group’s former business manager. At the wedding drummer Mick Fleetwood stood up (at 6’6″ he qualified) for Mac and brought wife Jenny. Singer Stevie Nicks was with boyfriend Paul Fishkin; her ex-boyfriend, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, was with girlfriend Carol Harris. Also gamely joining in was bridegroom McVie’s previous wife, keyboardist Christine, who came with her boyfriend, Curry Grant, and her brother, John Perfect. (She and McVie split almost three years ago, but the divorce became final just this year.) Among the other 400 guests were some of rock’s top executives, promoters, agents, lawyers and a few musicians. The backyard pool actually had to be “decked” with planks of wood and Astro Turf to make more room for milling, despite the popular assumption that the Macs can walk on water. John and Julie, whose father owns a chic Beverly Hills china and glassware boutique, did not honeymoon because of Mac’s current rehearsals for their next LP. Though these photos make up one Fleetwood Mac album that will never go platinum, the wedding memories were certifiably golden.

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