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Kate Winslet

AGE: 29


“I love having a bit of history with my body. All the marks, dents, and scars I’m old enough to appreciate. The happiness I feel in having a family has brought me a real beauty.”

I know that I have a real woman’s figure. It’s nice that it’s acknowledged and appreciated, that I refuse to conform. I don’t starve myself.”

“I don’t put on lip gloss just to get the newspaper. If I did I’d go mad. And if I Have to go down the red carpet, I don’t get ready around my daughter. I don’t want her to aspire to being that beautiful person when it once in a blue moon.”

Most Beautiful SINGER/DANCER


AGE: 26


A few of the rules he lives by:

1. Keep your nails and shoes clean.

“My mom told me that the first thing a woman pays attention to is your nails and shoes. A man with dirty shoes and unclean nails is the sign of a trifling man. Now that’s beauty for you right there!”

2. Men need lip balm.

“Cracked lips—it’s not a good look at all.”

3. In the summertime, it’s better to sleep with nothing on.

“Sweat your sheets out, you know?”

4. Speedos aren’t sexy.

“You’ll never catch me in a pair.”

Most Beautiful NEXT BIG THING

Jessica Alba

AGE: 24


She reveals her true colors:

Lipstick: “Anything that isn’t too dark because I have big lips already. I love berries or pinks. Nothing too frosty. Orange or coral lipstick never looks good. It clashes with my skin tone.”

Eye shadow: “Anything with shimmer; it makes your eyes look brighter. I never go for yellows and mustard; they aren’t good on me.”

Clothes: “With my hair blonde, I really like champagne and light pinks and light purples and pastels. Champagne clothes make me feel more glamorous. When I have dark hair, richer browns and reds and purples, and navy blues.”

Most Beautiful TV SURGEON

Patrick Dempsey

AGE: 39

ACTOR, Grey’s Anatomy

We give TV’s hot new doc a brief examination…

What have you been told about your looks?”

” ‘Oh, you look much better in real life than you do on TV.’ One day my 3-year-old daughter said, ‘You’re very handsome, Poppy’ That was the best compliment ever.”

What’s the nastiest thing anyone has said about you?

“I think the first review of Can’t Buy Me Love [1987] was ‘He’s as appealing as mulched lawn.’ I haven’t recovered from that.”

Physically, what would you change if you could?

“I’d like to have stronger-looking legs. Bigger calves. I can never get a six-pack. I always have a half keg going on, but never a six-pack.”

Have you ever suffered for beauty’s sake?

“My wife, Jill, has this company, Delux Beauty. Sometimes when she was experimenting with new nail-polish colors, she would put them on me. I had to explain to my guy friends why I had five different colors on my hand. But I liked the dark colors—they’re very masculine.”

Most Beautiful HOOPSTER

Dwyane Wade

AGE: 23


Things he has in common with…

wife Siohvaughn:

Facials and manicures. “I do facials in the summer-time,” he says. “I get manicures in the off-season. The main thing I try to do is keep my hands soft.”

Imelda Marcos:

“I have no idea how many shoes I own,” he says. “I have more than my wife, and she has a lot.”

Angelina Jolie:

Those lips. “Not the smile,” he says. “I think people think the mouth is sexy.”

teammate Shaq:

Films. “I might try acting, a little modeling,” he says, “but I’m not a singer. I won’t be doing a CD. You will never hear me sing.”

Most Beautiful SUCCESS STORY

Hilary Swank

AGE: 30


Her favorite things…

soaking my feet.

“As a little girl, I’d get up on the counter and stick my feet in the sink. It was a way to get warm. And it makes me relax. On the day of the Oscars I had a pedicure in my room. It was lovely to have someone come over and put my feet in the spa.”

hair treatments.

“I love getting my hair washed and blow-dried. It feels so good, I get chills. It’s so decadent to sit there and have someone help you look better.”

a full closet.

“I have clothes that hang there with the tags on. I hear my mom saying, ‘Don’t wear your nice clothes. You’re only going for a walk.’ So I go in and look at the beautiful clothes, then put on my jeans and a T-shirt. I’m working on wearing them rather than staring at them.”

Most Beautiful RISING STAR

Elizabeth Smart

AGE: 17


This gifted musician has put her 2002 kidnapping behind her. She performed in January at Hawaii’s Hula Bowl and hopes to attend Juilliard.

When you play the harp:

1. “You have to have short fingernails or they’d just break off, and you can’t wear red polish—it looks like your fingers are bleeding.”

2. You spend a lot of time indoors. “Sometimes, I feel funny because I’m pale in the summer. But I’d rather take care of my skin.”

3. You can buy an expensive dress without feeling guilty. “Wear it only once to a dance, and you’re not getting your money’s worth. So I feel lucky I can wear mine wine I perform.”

Most Beautiful IMPORT

Penélope Cruz

AGE: 31


Her hidden talent: “I can cut hair, color hair, do almost anything you do in a salon. I practically grew up in a hair salon because my mother owned one.”

Her imperfections: “My brother [Eduardo, 19] tells me I have a lazy eye. He thinks one ear is bigger than the other. He sees things that no one else does, and I know he’s right. It makes me laugh.”

Her one blonde moment: “For a movie in Spain, I had to bleach my hair. My scalp was bleeding” because my hair is so dark that it took four times to get my hair Marilyn Monroe blonde.”

Her idea of relaxing: “I get in my house and clean closets, organize things like books and papers. I do it for hours. It’s great therapy.”

Most Beautiful GENDER BENDER

Tyler Perry

AGE: 35

WRITER/ACTOR, Diary of a Mad Black Woman

He stays in touch with his feminine side

by working on his body.

After playing gun-toting granny Madea, Perry started getting in shape. “I’m 6’5″ and 240 lbs. I’ve lost 35 lbs. in the past couple of months. I work out four days a week and am on a pretty-low-carb diet, so if I play her again I’ll get a bigger fat suit.”

with pampering.

“The thing about being a man playing a woman is you have to learn how to get the makeup really off. I have facials to get my pores cleaned out and microdermabrasion. I can only get a close shave if my skin is clean.”

by being empathetic.

“I love being a man. I’m so respectful of what women go through to go out. Makeup is a nightmare. We have such simple lives as guys!”

Most Beautiful SPORTS ICON

David Beckham

AGE: 30

BRITISH SOCCER STAR, now playing for a Spanish team

Truths, myths and tips from his wife, Victoria, formerly “Posh” Spice:

What tips have you learned from her?

“She looks after herself very well, so I’ve learned a lot. Being outside in the cold and rain doesn’t help your skin, so moisturizer in the morning is a big thing. And at night it’s the eye cream. A manicure would probably be my favorite pampering splurge.”

Does she have a favorite Beckham body part?

“Definitely my backside. She likes my bum because it’s firm. I’d say most footballers [soccer players] also have quite good legs.”

We’ve seen the British papers. Was the missus joking, or do you really wear her thongs?

“I wouldn’t get them past my knees!”


Tyler Hilton

AGE: 21


What’s the most extreme thing you do to look good?

“Last year my mom said she’d pay for me and my stepbrother to get pedicures. We were like, ‘No way!’ But then I said, ‘Well if you do it…’ So we got them. It was really nice. I have big feet [size 13], and it made them look really nice.”

How do girls respond when you take off your shirt?

“If I took my shirt off, people would laugh! I’m kind of scrawny, a little pale. I don’t think people want me to take off my shirt.”

So when do you look your best?

“When I’m dressed up. I love wearing suits. I don’t own any, but I borrow one of my dad’s. He has this old one from like 1982.”

Most Beautiful MOTIVATOR

Oprah Winfrey

AGE: 51


She talks about her makeover:

You look better now than you ever have. How did you do it?

“It’s a combination of eating consciously, vigorous exercise and being comfortable in my body. But it takes a village to get ready, between the hair, the makeup and the clothes.”

What comes first—feeling good or looking good?

“What matters is how you feel inside, because feeling beautiful on the inside is key to looking good.”

How do you manage stress?

“A bubble bath is one of the ways that I relax. I also give myself Sundays. Sometimes I spend the whole day in my pajamas and let my brain and body decompress from six days of nonstop mental bombardment. I’ve learned that the more stressful and chaotic things are on the outside, the calmer you need to get on the inside.”

Looking great in your 50s is all about…

“taking care of yourself and making yourself a priority.”

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