September 30, 2013 12:00 PM

Morena Baccarin

“That’s one odd skirt. She’s always at her best when she keeps her looks very simple and classic. When she tries to get cute, she winds up wearing awkward-looking dresses like this.” —Lorenzo

Zosia Mamet

“That’s the same facial expression I’d be sporting if I found myself on a red carpet in a hospital gown and no pants.” —Tom

Florence Welch

“This is so off-model for her. It looks like a cheap, highly flammable bathrobe, some gardening shoes and a toy purse.” —Lorenzo


“Oh, honey, no. Who talked you into this? Where is our diva? You look like a very stiff valentine.” —Tom

Kristen Stewart

“The bizarre construction of the bottom half is distracting. It’s the balloony clown pants.” —Lorenzo

Paula Patton

“This is just plain unflattering. The only visual interest is up at the neck and shoulders, but even then, it looks like craft-store bargain bin material.” —Tom

Debra Messing

“When did Debra Messing go from being her generation’s Lucille Ball to being her generation’s Ethel Mertz?” —Tom

Jennifer Lopez

“She forgot her own diva-tastic style and hit the red carpet looking like a colorful octogenarian with too much money and a taste for hideous shoes.” —Lorenzo

TOM FITZGERALD (RIGHT) & LORENZO MARQUEZ fuel the popular pop culture blog and will release their first book in February.

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