December 24, 1979 12:00 PM

Graphic artist Elliott Negin used to lie awake at night concocting word-play names like “Agusta Wind” and “Upton O’Good.” Lately the pun-happy Negin, a 25-year-old Brown graduate, has devoted himself to drawings which, when scrutinized, are supposed to evoke illustrious names—followed by a giggle or a groan. “It’s something like charades,” says the artist. Seventy-five of his puzzlers have just been published in a paperback, Celebrities Sweepsteaks (Methuen, $4.95). Negin is hoping the book will rescue him from the “student ghetto life” he leads as a free-lance illustrator in Cambridge, Mass. Elliott’s portrayals of some big names of 1979 follow (no fair looking at the upside-down answers until you’ve tried to guess for at least 30 seconds).

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