By People Staff
August 02, 1999 12:00 PM

Week of August 2-8, 1974

Two years after the disclosure of mental health problems ended his Veep bid, Missouri Sen. Tom Eagleton, 44 (with wife Barbara), told PEOPLE he had learned from adversity. He’s now a lawyer in St. Louis.


AUG. 6, 1974

Actress Ever Carradine

Killing Spree

Elmer Wayne Henley, 18, was sentenced Aug. 8 to 594 years for his part in a grisly sex ring that left 27 dead. He now paints nature scenes in a Texas prison.

Thrilling View

Warren Beatty and Paula Prentiss starred in Alan J. Pakula’s The Parallax View. Last year, Beatty, now 62, directed and starred in Bulworth, and Prentiss, now 60, appeared Off-Broadway with her husband, Richard Benjamin, in Power Plays. Pakula died in November 1998.

Looking For Love

Rocker Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band wed actress Faye Dunaway (Bonnie and Clyde), 33, in Beverly Hills Aug. 7. The couple would split after five years. Geils, 28, stayed with the band until 1983, when he went solo. (The group reunited this year,) Dunaway later married, and was divorced from, photographer Terry O’Neill, with whom she had a son, Liam, in 1980. This month she appears in a cameo role in the remake of her 1968 film The Thomas Crown Affair.


M*A*S*H, the CBS antiwar comedy featuring (from left) McLean Stevenson, Wayne Rogers and Alan Alda in an Army medical unit in Korea, won the ratings battle for this week’s top TV show.