October 25, 1999 12:00 PM

Week of October 25-31, 1974

“I’ always wanted a jock for a lover,” Burt Reynolds, 38, joked to PEOPLE of his relationship with golf enthusiast Dinah Shore, 57. She died in 1994. Mystery, Alaska, Reynolds’s latest film, opened Oct. 1.

Defending Desegregation

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, 33 (right), and Vernon Jordan, 39 (second from right), joined other civil rights leaders at the White House Oct. 25 to express concern over President Gerald Ford’s remark that forced school busing could harm public education while promoting racial balance. Ford, 61, assured them the government would enforce court-mandated school desegregation plans. Both activists now advise President Bill Clinton.

A Hitch in Prime Time

Rhoda Morgenstern (Valerie Harper, 34) married boyfriend Joe Gerard (David Groh, 35) Oct. 28 on TV’s Rhoda.

Finally Flooring Foreman

Muhammad Ali, 32, regained the world heavy-weight title Oct. 30 by knocking out George Foreman, 25, in Zaire’s Rumble in the Jungle.


“Then came you” teamed Dionne warwick,33, with the spinners for this week’s No.1 hit. Warwick is now touring in the U.S.

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