January 25, 1999 12:00 PM

Week of January 25-31, 1974

Chairman of the Bored

The sounds of silence must have gotten to Frank Sinatra, 58, who ended a three-year “retirement” on Jan. 25 with a swinging set at Caesars Palace. Jimmy Stewart, Rosalind Russell and Sinatra’s mom, Dolly, joined fans paying $30 a pop ($200,000 for the week)—a Las Vegas record—to hear Ol’ Blue Eyes make “Come Fly with Me” and other hits sound lovelier the second time around. Sinatra died last May 14 at 82.

Revenge in the Ring

On Jan. 28, Muhammad Ali (left) got mad and got even with archrival Joe Frazier in a heavyweight bout at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, picking up some $2.6 million in a unanimous 12-round decision. Frazier, 30, had defeated Ali, 32, three years before. Ali would triumph over Frazier again in ’75’s “Thrilla in Manila.”


Those Were the Days

Aw, jeez, stifle yourself, will youse? All in the Family was this week’s top TV show (it ran neck and neck with The Waltons), as Archie Bunker (Carroll O’Connor, left, with Jean Stapleton as his “dingbat” wife, Edith) mocked bigotry with his outrageous grousing about race and politics.

Stage Gem

Critics were a girl’s best friend when Carol Channing, 52, took Lorelei, an update of her 1949 hit musical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, to Broadway Jan. 27. “A woman I unashamedly adore,” gushed one reviewer of the diamond loving star. The show ran nine months.

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