By People Staff
December 22, 1980 12:00 PM

We’re the last really hometown area in Los Angeles,” boasts the mayor of Pacific Palisades (pop. 32,000). Ah, but what a hometown. That’s Hizzoner in the picture front and center—yes, it’s actor Bert Convy. And his “hometown” is a place where the average house fetches $350,000 and where the milk route includes Hal Holbrook, Dorothy Hamill, Lawrence Welk, Bobby Vinton—and, not incidentally, Ronald Reagan. Residents insist his election hasn’t turned any heads in town (“We’re used to having famous people around,” says ex-Mayor Walter Matthau), but some 2,000 of them turned out for this PEOPLE photographic salute. Explained one: “There are thousands of actors, but only one President.”