By People Staff
July 11, 1988 12:00 PM

I here was more than one way of seeing stars in Atlantic City on fight night last week. You could climb in the ring with Mike Tyson and run into an upper-cut, the way Michael Spinks did. Or you could wangle one of the 460 invitations to be wined and dined by Donald and Ivana Trump at their Trump Plaza hotel before settling into some of the most expensive seats in the house. (A spot ringside was going for $1,500.) Boxing has a way of bringing out the heavies—people like Nicholson, Beatty and Penn—and Milton Berle had an explanation for that. “Entertainers are performers,” he said, “and they like to see someone else perform in another profession.” Short as the performance was, some of the celebs saw it as a chance to spend time with loved ones. Stephen King, Jack Kemp and Larry King all took their kids, while Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Willis and Donald Trump had fathers in tow. Robin Givens sat with her mom and surely had the dandiest family night of all.