March 28, 2012 12:00 PM


Played by: Jack Quaid

Age: 19

How you know him: The actor, who’s making his feature film debut, is the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid.

Key moment from his audition: “I was asked to choose a weapon,” he recalls. “It was between a Nerf crossbow, an Airsoft gun and a plastic knife. I chose the knife.”


Played by: Leven Rambin

Age: 21

How you know her: She’s been on Grey’s Anatomy and Wizards of Waverly Place and earned a Daytime Emmy nomination for her dual roles on All My Children.

Favorite on-set memory: Bonding with the actresses who play Clove, Foxface and Rue. “We’d watch movies, order pizza, do arts and crafts, work out and talk about boys all day and night,” she says.


Played by: Isabelle Fuhrman

Age: 15

How you know her: She starred as the sadistic title character in the 2009 thriller Orphan.

Favorite part about playing Clove: “I learned this entire stunt sequence where I was throwing knives and fighting with Jennifer,” says Fuhrman. “She and I seriously went at it.”


Played by: Alexander Ludwig

Age: 19

How you know him: He starred in 2009’s Race to Witch Mountain.

Most awkward day on set: Ludwig, who plays one of the most brutal tributes, turned out to be a bit too good at hand-to-hand combat. “I was doing a fight scene, and I accidentally hit a stunt guy across the face with a bat,” he recalls. “He was bleeding everywhere. I thought they’d kill me if I didn’t keep going, so once they said, ‘Cut,’ I ran over and was like, ‘Dude, I’m so sorry!'”


Played by: Jacqueline Emerson

Age: 17

How you know her: She was a keyboardist in the Disney kiddie band Devo 2.0.

Prep work for the film: “They wanted me very agile and toned,” she says. “I had to do a lot of jumping and rolling. One day they taught me the dive roll, and I got overenthusiastic and gave myself a black eye by smacking it with my knee.”


Played by: Amandla Stenberg

Age: 13

How you know her: She played the younger version of Zoe Saldana‘s character in Colombiana.

Why Jennifer Lawrence is her hero: “We were filming in a meadow, and someone stepped on a hornets’ nest near me. Jennifer came to the rescue. She picked me up and pulled me out of the swarm.”


Played by: Dayo Okeniyi

Age: 23

How you know him: You don’t! This is his breakthrough role. Okeniyi-who grew up in Nigeria before moving to the U.S.-headed to L.A. in 2010 to pursue acting and ended up acing his auditions for The Hunger Games.

His take on Thresh: “As imposing as he is, he’s a very soft character,” says Okeniyi. “He’s a big bear. He’s the gentle giant, as [director] Gary Ross would say.”

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