December 01, 2003 12:00 PM

No. 1 Brad Pitt
10. Hey, we don’t hand out the Sexiest Man Alive title to just anyone. He’s the only guy to snag it twice.

9. Six years after their broken engagement, Gwyneth Paltrow fessed up: “I made a big mess out of it.” Pitt “was such a good person!”

8. Shaggy, as in Legends of the Fall, or shorn, like in Seven…. Don’t make us choose!

7. Memo from Mom: Honey, you look so suave and debonair in those Ocean’s Eleven suits. Why do you appear in so many movies wearing tattoos and dirt?

6. Living proof that real men love houses, good design and landscaping.

5. First rule of Fight Club: He even looks good in blood.

4. A lover as well as a fighter. High marks for filling wife’s dressing room with roses on Valentine’s Day.

3. Showed more spousal support by appearing (to great comic effect) on his wife’s little sitcom. Maybe that show will take off now.

2. Yes, yes, he’s a god. No, really. Pitt’s playing Achilles in the upcoming war epic Troy. “Let’s just say the skirt took some getting used to,” he allowed.

1. Troy. Oh, boy!

No. 2 Ashton Kutcher
10. His take on modeling: “It’s hardly rocket science.”

9. He gets the best tables P. Diddy can buy.

8. Provides free babysitting.

7. Trucker hats give morale boost to shipping industry.

6. Calmly bears shame of That 70s Show shag haircut.

5. In a word: lips.

4. Best moment of MTV Cribs house tour? Foosball.

3. Punk’d rocks.

2. Even Bruce likes him.

1. He’s 25. Demi Moore‘s 41. You gotta love it.

No. 3 George Clooney
10. Fear of marriage keeps him on the market!

9. Sharing his bed with pet potbellied pig Max is a touching reminder of our agrarian past.

8. Did you say a 25-room villa on Lake Como?

7. Has had same close-knit gang of buddies for two decades.

6. Onetime Batman is a practical joker.

5. Has reunited cast of Ocean’s Eleven for Ocean’s Twelve.

4. In Intolerable Cruelty makes a lawyer lovable.

3. “He’s more hardworking than I am,” said James Carville, a regular on HBO’s K Street, which Clooney exec produces. “And he has much less ego.”

2. Fans hope government-services info line he helped set up is a ruse for giving out his phone number.

1. Fingers crossed that he’ll run for office. Could be sexiest elected official since JFK.

No. 4 Lenny Kravitz

10. The answer to his musical question “Are you gonna go my way?” is simple: yes or yes.

9. Not every guy can pull off a feather boa.

8. Or, ahem, look that good naked. (See “Again” video.)

7. Named his record label after his late mom, Roxie Roker, of TV’s The Jeffersons.

6. That Janet Jackson is astute. Her verdict: “Fine.”

5. Madonna‘s steamy “Justify My Love”? He cowrote it.

4. Avoids his own tunes while making love so he doesn’t “start thinking about work.”

3. Friendly with ex-wife Lisa Bonet.

2. In any room he’s in, he’s the man. Don’t even try.

1. Has great hair-and Nicole Kidman.

No. 5 Justin Timberlake
10. Props from his peeps: “He’s got it—whatever It is,” said producer Jimmy Jam. “Whatever Eminem has. Whatever the Elvises had back in their day. What It is for this generation, Justin has got it.”

9. Speaking of Elvis, Justin’s the most devoted—and unfailingly polite—son since that other Memphis-bred mama’s boy.

8. To the question “Are you a man or a mouse?” not many people can truthfully reply, “I’ve been both.”

7. You try moon-waiking from boy band ingenue to blue-eyed soul man without doing time in some lame Broadway revival.

6. “He’s got a huge heart—that’s what makes him sexy” says pal Sharon Osbourne. “Usually you get guys who are gorgeous and a bit of a dummy. He is so talented yet so nice and smart.”

5. Attention, golfers: His 10 handicap can beat up your handicap.

4. As guest host of Saturday Night Live, he was self-assured and scathingly funny enough to make the cast look like drama club weenies.

3. While those Laker-lovin’ hotshots Nicholson and DiCaprio sit pretty on the sidelines, he’ll be covering the NBA action for ABC—and he wrote a new theme song to boot.

2. He knows stuff. “Seven seconds. That’s how long to dip an Oreo in milk for it to be perfect,” he told Seventeen. “It will be just soggy enough but not so soggy that it fails apart”

1. Besides Britney and now Cameron, he has charmed every woman who’s crossed his path. If Even Ellen DeGeneres admits, “My girlfriend said, ‘You’re liking him a little too much.’ ”

No. 6 Hugh Grant

10. He’s better naughty than nice.

9. As dancing British prime minister in Love Actually, finally uncorks raging inner funkmeister.

8. Cheerfully admits, “I would abuse the position” of head of state. Role models? “People like Caligula.”

7. Learned who Caligula was at Oxford.

6. Blue eyes visible from outer space.

5. Charm too outsized for dumb superhero outfit.

4. So he’s posh. You’d rather a phone solicitor, a felon, what?

3. The “Ts” have it: irredeemable insouciance.

2. Bridget: dump dork; rehab v. hot rogue.

1. “He’s such a little pervert. He gets away with it because he’s English,” said Two Weeks Notice costar Sandra Bullock. “I adore him.” Very well put.

No. 7 Russell Crowe

10. Self-deprecating about his rock career: “I am Elvis, but in reverse,” he has said. “My music apparently sucks.”

9. Flannel shirts area cheery shout-out to dreary Seattle.

8. Working very hard to stop flipping off photographers.

7. Lives in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo area. Just say it.

6. First to organize cast/crew outings; last to leave.

5. In Gladiator, he was Maximus hottiness.

4. Gave up beer with pregnant wife. Now, that’s love.

3. Unlike patchy posers, can grow a real beard.

2. “Russell is very unpredictable” says Master and Commander director Peter Weir. Sure, but never dull.

1. Master and Commander? We don’t care if he’s the fry cook on the Good Ship Lollipop. We’re there.

No. 8 Hugh Jackman
10. Not one of those “shrimp on the barbie” yahoos.

9. On Broadway as Peter Allen, makes a far more attractive flamboyant ex-husband of Liza Minnelli than David Gest.

8. Breaking men’s-fashion news! Rumors say he might step into James Bond’s dinner jacket.

7. All is revealed: “I’m pretty good with a yo-yo,” he says. “And I get a good laugh out of Judge Judy.”

6. Wolverine is about nuance, not just knife play!

5. Proud of his wife and 3-year-old son.

4. Sings in the shower.

3. Wow, that skinny kid once called Worm filled out nicely.

2. “Everyone’s always looking for the next guy,” said Stephen Sommers, director of the upcoming Van Helsing. “Hugh Jackman is the next guy.”

1. Nah, he’s here now.

No. 9 Denzel Washington
10. After 22 years, 31 films and his two Oscars, we’re still waiting for a superhot love scene.

9. As Halle Berry said, “You can tell he’s totally at ease with both his talent and sexuality.”

8. He’s no less arresting for playing so many cops.

7. Three words: St. Elsewhere reruns.

6. That island of dignified calm? Yup, that’s him.

5. The Boys and Girls Club alum gave $1 million to his hometown chapter in Mount Vernon, N.Y.

4. Armani, jeans, sweats…they’re all good.

3. He makes The Preacher’s Wife rentable.

2. Plays Frank Sinatra’s role in next year’s The Manchurian Candidate: a no-brain(wash)er.

1. No argument with his Out of Time costar Sanaa Lathan: “He’s absolutely gorgeous.”

No. 10 Colin Farrell
10. He’s *@#%$! unfiltered, uncanned and uncensored.

9. He *@#%$! loves his mother.

8. He’s had a lot of *@#%$! practice kissing.

7. He’s always up for a *@#%$! good time.

6. He’s *@#%$! fertile.

5. Who needs another *@#%$! metrosexual?

4. He has a totally *@#%$! charming brogue.

3. Every girl dreams of a *@#%$! bad boy.

2. Success hasn’t *@#%$! changed him.

1. “He’s a totally cool *@#%$!,” says his S.W.A.T. costar Michelle Rodriguez.

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