June 11, 2014 12:00 PM

They’re brothers and best friends, and since appearing on The Voice last season, pretty much together nonstop. “We work together, we live together, we ride buses and planes together … It works. We’re probably closer than most,” says Zach. But the Oklahoma natives admit they’re also supercompetitive, especially when it comes to women. “It’s friendly competition,” says Zach. “Friendly, yet not so friendly,” says younger brother Colton. “Lately we argue over which girl is flirting with who when we’re signing autographs,” says Zach. “It gets pretty intense.” To settle it once and for all, we let them each make their case:

Who has the better pickup lines?

Colton: “Zach probably does because he Googles stuff all the time. I like to come more from the heart….”

Zach: “Yeah, girls find it adorable when he’s talking Disney movies.”

Colton: “What? What?”

Zach: “Your go-to line is Lion King!”

Colton: “Are you kidding me? He’s referring to one instance where…”

Zach: “But it happened!”

Colton: “He’s referring to one instance where we were talking to this really pretty young lady and we talked about what our favorite Disney movie was. She was talking to me more. I won that night.”

Zach: “He won because as soon as they started talking Disney, I exited the conversation.”

What can a woman expect on a first date with you?

Zach: “If I’m going on a date with a girl, she’s got to like my truck. She has to see the real me, so she has to ride in the truck.”

Colton: “Yeah, I’d probably act like my brother’s truck is mine on a first date.”

Zach: “Colton has a Kia.”

Colton: “Yeah, I have a Kia. I won a vehicle off a little show called The Voice. Maybe you’ve seen it? No big deal. I’m not as materialistic as my brother. I save my money to spend on my date.”

So what would the date entail?

Zach: “If we could find an Eagles concert, that would be amazing. If she enjoyed it as much as I did, that would be my girl—a match made in heaven. Then, after, I love little coffee spots, to talk.”

Colton: “I’m not big on crowds on a date. I love for us to have alone time…

Zach: “Creepy!”

Colton: “It’s not creepy! I just like going places where I can actually hear what she is saying!”

Who is the better dancer?

Zach: “I’m going to go on the record and say we both suck! But I probably have a few more moves.”

Colton: “We’re both pretty terrible.”

Who is more romantic?

Colton: “Definitely me! I live for a Notebook kind of love. Someday when I propose, it’s going to be epic. I’ll go down in history – it’ll be the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard.”

Zach: “Colton watches The Notebook over and over by himself.”

Colton: “That is false.”

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

Colton: “I’d been dating a girl for six years, and on Valentine’s Day I had 1,000 candles and rose petals throughout the house and a fancy dinner on the table when she got there. She always wanted to make pottery like in the movie Ghost, so I rented a place out for us to do that after dinner.”

Zach: “I’ve done all kinds of stuff like that. I’ve gone as far as writing a song for a girl and stealing her car keys and having her car full of balloons and teddy bears and a CD in the CD player playing the song I wrote when she starts her car!”

Colton: “That’s old news! I’ve done that stuff too.”

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