By Jennifer Ash Logan Bentley And Frank Sanello
August 10, 1987 12:00 PM

Arrivedérci, Hollywood. For the moment, at least, Brigitte Nielsen has escaped her husband, his divorce papers and the American media. A 6′ slice of Danish cheesecake spooned into a black jersey tube dress, Nielsen is holding forth at a press conference in Rome, far away from her husband and his divorce papers. “We are not here to talk about my private life,” she says in fluent Italian with fetching Nordic inflections, “but to tell you that I will be a regular guest on Festival, a new Italian TV show starting Sept. 25. I’ll be present in all 14 shows. I’ll sing for sure and probably dance too. In a few days I’m enrolling in a dance school.” The reporters barely feign interest in her curriculum. They want the dirt about the big break with Sly. She straightens her tube, probably not black for mourning, and throws them a tidbit. “I can tell you that right after the announcement of the separation, decided jointly, my business has increased by an incredible amount. I have received dozens of proposals.”

Indeed, Gitte (say GEE-tah), as she prefers to be called, has been busy, busy, busy since the split from her co-sparring Svengali, Sylvester Stallone. But their parting has created more than just modeling assignments for Nielsen. It’s generated more rumor and mystery than any other celeb divorce in recent memory. A sampler: Gitte is said to have been sleeping with: 1) her Beverly Hills Cop II director, Tony Scott; or 2) her secretary, Kelly Sahnger, whose new breasts and improved nose were a gift from her boss; or 3) Cop II co-star Eddie Murphy; or 4) all of the above, with or without, according to your choice of unnamed sources, Stallone as voyeur. The stories have been forcefully denied, yet media interest remains unabated. In Denmark, reporters abdicated their posts at a European Community meeting to stake out Nielsen’s parents’ home in Elsinore. While Gitte visited her son, Julian, whom she left at 16 months to pursue her career and Stallone, the press trumpeted: “Rambo Tires of His Rambo-line!” In London, a tabloid bubbled with “an insider’s” ribald reminiscences of life with the Stallones—ménages à trois, kinky photos kept in the kitchen drawer and streams of part-time passion players parading through the Beverly Hills mansion. In Italy, where Gitte had lived for four years, a source wondered what it meant that she and her secretary were sharing a hotel room.

“There is not a scrap of truth that I am having an affair with my secretary,” Nielsen finally retorted. “I am deeply in love with my husband. If I were a homosexual, these are not the times to hide it; I would say ‘yes’ and ‘basta,’ especially in such a mess. Paradoxically, we live in an era when you can get money for these things.” Sly’s mother, Jacqueline, is reputed to have spied Kelly and Gitte together. Gitte’s comment: “She is insanely jealous! I haven’t seen her for a year!”

While fact and fiction were being wrung for all they were worth in the presses worldwide, a stateside Sly, 41, was playing the old-fashioned guy. Barely seen around town these days, he showered Gitte, who turned 24 on July 15, with flowers and transatlantic calls that reached her both inside her chauffeured Mercedes and out. “He’s obsessed with her,” said a friend.

Much Beverly Hills scuttlebutt, meanwhile, is focused on Tony Scott. “If Tony is fooling around with Brigitte,” warns Brad Turell, Nielsen’s ex-PR man, “he’s an idiot. Stallone runs with a real Italian crowd. Your woman is your woman.”

“I can’t imagine Brigitte would leave one of the most powerful actors in town unless she had a better offer from Scott,” says one well-connected doyenne of L.A. society. “He’s a hot director and makes much better movies than Stallone. I mean, how many girlfriends of a gun-crazed vigilante can she play?” For a colleague of Eddie Murphy, the Gitte-Scott affair is past speculation. “Just look at the contact sheets from Cop II,” she says. “It’s palpable—you can see Brigitte and Scott were falling in love.”

All the talk has done wonders for her career. Among the “crazy amount of work offers” Gitte says she’s fielded is her first record album, due out in September. “It’s called Every Body Tells a Story,” her producer announced at the Rome press conference. “Be sure not to write Every Body as one word or the play on words is lost.” Get it? The album, adds Gitte, will be “very commercial, but with a style.” Phew.

Her settlement from Sly—a neat $6 million—won’t hurt a bit. “We get along,” says Brigitte, explaining that the truth behind the divorce, far from being sensational, is sadly commonplace. “We are tremendously attracted to each other,” she says. “We just can’t stand living together.”