December 23, 1985 12:00 PM

She’s the one you notice first, the $2,000-a-day model. She has the face of a woman who orders her cocktails in shades of pink. Him? He’s strictly Instamatic, and his music elevated the six-pack into something vitally American.

They were married this year. Bruce Springsteen, who stands for everything admirable about vocational education, wed Julianne Phillips, the ultimate homecoming queen. At 25, she is a perfect 34-22-34. At 36, he looks terrific, too, but only because he lifted weights until his body caught up with his voice.

They are, according to reports, happy together. They were even seen dancing one night in Los Angeles, by about 90,000 people. During the final performance of his monumental U.S.A. tour, he foreswore his tradition of sweeping a fan onstage during Dancing in the Dark and instead whirled Julianne into the Coliseum spotlight. He explained, “A man’s got a right to dance with his own wife,” which was just what you’d expect him to say.

We don’t know much about their life at home. They have two houses, one on the West Coast, where she’s from, and one in Jersey, where he’s from. He can afford it. This year he reportedly turned down $12 million from Lee Iacocca to use Born in the U.S.A. in Chrysler ads.

He gets home late a lot, but that’s what comes of marrying a man who insists on giving four-hour concerts. She stays home a lot, probably more than she wants, because she’s still more of a model than an actress. As outrageous as her beauty might be, it’s more still life than poetry in motion. He played to 129 sellouts. She auditioned unsuccessfully for the female lead in the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun.

They don’t have what you’d call a wild lifestyle. In L.A., Julianne threw a surprise birthday party for Bruce and it is reliably reported that when he came to the door, all his friends jumped up and yelled, “Surprise!” On Halloween in New Jersey, they invited in a group of trick-or-treaters for a sing-along. There is no way of knowing what they do when they are alone—whether Julianne makes waffles from scratch or just toasts the frozen kind—but he probably doesn’t much care either way.

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