By People Staff
May 04, 2005 12:00 PM


Cuts should extend “below the jawline” to diminish the squareness of the face, says stylist Kevin Mancuso of Eiji Salon.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Her long hair, waves and light color all worked to smooth Paltrow’s square face at the Oscars.

Waves balance the straight lines in a square face; these wisps (below) keep the updo soft.

Square Face Dos and a Don’t

  • Do add layers. “It’s important to have hair that moves,” says stylist Paul Labrecque.
  • Do dust bronzer on your temples and on your jaw-bone near the ear, says makeup artist Kristofer Buckle.
  • Don’t go supershort; it can make a strong jaw look masculine.


Salma Hayek

“The middle part shows off her face,” says Matrix’s Enzo Angileri.

Side-parted bangs highlight her cheekbones.

Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra’s long layers camouflage any hard edges in her face.

The exposed forehead balances her jaw; layer add fullness.

Rosario Dawson

Dawson’s hair is straight but full and soft—a must for squares.

The squareness is diminished by the volume around the face.

Wispy Pieces

“Wispy edges cutting into the face will thin a round shape out,” says Paul Labracque. Moore’s layers at right draw attention to her cheekbones.

Mandy Moore

Side parts like Moore’s add asymmetry, which helps to narrow a wide face.

Even with her hair up (below), she retains her flattering side part and leaves some strands to add movement.

Round Face Dos and a Don’t

  • Do go long. Above-chin cuts make faces rounder.
  • Do apply blush at the top of the cheekbone, just under the ear, then draw it downward to contour the face, says makeup artist Kristofer Buckle.
  • Don’t go for anything too severe, like a slicked-back ponytail.


Rachel Bilson

Soft layering gives dimension and definition to a round look.

Loose, tousled pieces frame and shape the face in an updo.

Gabrielle Union

The high part and straight hair create an oval impression.

Sleek waves work with the side part and layering.

Kirsten Dunst

A chin-length cut flatters, but any shorter can widen the face.

When wearing an updo, bangs soften and thin a round shape.


Knowledge is power when it comes to choosing the right hair for your face


A strong jawline is a square face’s distinguishing feature.


Measure your face—a round one is nearly as wide as it is long.


A long face is significantly longer than it is wide.


Hearts have a pointed chin and wide forehead.


Ovals are 1½ times longer than they are wide.


Long, straight, one-length hair elongates the face, says Mancuso. Waves Like Hatcher’s add fullness.

  • Teri Hatcher
  • At the Golden Globes, Hatcher’s waves added volume, helping to balance her face.
  • A side part (below) “creates the look of more roundness,” says hairstylist Kevin Mancuso. For long faces, that’s a good thing.

Long Face Dos and a Don’t

  • Do think “volume, volume, volume!” when it comes to hair, says hairstylist Enzo Angileri. “Lots of hair around these faces is really beautiful.”
  • Do apply blush right on the apples of your cheeks, says makeup artist Kristofer Buckle. This will add color without narrowing the face.
  • Don’t go for a center part if you wear your hair down and straight—it lengthens the face.


  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • The waves fill out the face, counteracting the middle part.
  • A side part pulled back “softens sharp angles,” says Mancuso.
  • Sheryl Crow
  • A style with volume at the sides gives flattering width.
  • Subtle waves offer softness and make a face look fuller.

Molly Sims

Sims’s layers accentuate her eyes and cheekbones.

“Bangs are a good way to shorten the face,” says Mancuso.


Jennifer Love Hewitt

The triangle cut—full at bottom, flatter at top—works here.

Wispy bangs keep this updo torn, flatter at top-heavy.

Kerry Washington

Flattering the face, this look is straight but not too narrow.

Curly styles like this soften a heart-shaped face.

  • Claire Danes
  • Styles that are wider at the bottom even out the features.
  • A messy updo (not a sleek one) offsets a wide forehead.


“Bangs thin out a forehead,” says Labrecque. Bangs swept to the side contour further.

  • Scarlett Johansson
  • She softened a sleek up do with face-slimming bangs.
  • The same bangs (below)—only softer and messier—and a wavy chin-length style add width to a narrow chin.

Heart Face Dos and a Don’t

  • Do go for big hair—make sure it’s wide at the bottom to fill out a narrow chin.
  • Do wear bright lipstick, says Buckle, to draw attention to your mouth and balance a wide forehead.
  • Don’t go supershort or high on top—you’ll resemble an inverted triangle.


Ovals are considered the ideal faces because “you can do anything with your hair,” says hairstylist Paul Labrecque.

Sienna Miller
Miller’s long layers draw out her bone structure.

Eva Longoria
Sideswept bangs highlight the eyes in this oval.

Halle Berry
Even sleek, slicked-back hair flatters oval-faced Halle.